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Wellness, Nutrition & Weight Management

The stress and unhealthy environment of modern life has many of us feeling tired, overweight, unhappy with how we look and lost in a sea of of confusing health and nutrition advice.

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Welcome to Dr Sassani @ The Private Clinic | Medical & Aesthetic Centre

Partnering with celebrity health and fitness specialist, Doctor Saeed Sassani M.D. Now at The Private Clinic, we incorporate a medical evaluation approach resulting in a customized treatment path that can include nutrition, stress reduction, exercise, hormone replacement therapy, and supplement advice into your care plan. By combining this holistic approach with body contouring, facial rejuvenation, or anti-aging treatments, we can achieve dramatic, long lasting results that help you look and feel your very best, inside and out.


Dr Saeed Sassani

 Physician, Medical Doctor in the field of Fitness and Nutrition, Weight loss or Gain.

Coach and Physician of UAE bodybuilding and Fitness national team

Doctor in charge for Nutrition in Al Nasr Sports Club in Dubai

Member of Educational Committee of IFBB

Member of Medical Committee of AFBF

Expert in Nutrition, Weight Gain ,Weight Loss or Nutrition for special diseases like HTN or Diabetes or Fatty Liver or Hyper Cholestorolemia.



Our mission at The Private Clinic is to improve your quality of life. We believe that a well-managed life should allow you to thrive with mental clarity, a zest for living, and a physically active lifestyle for years to come. Our specialist in Wellness, Diet, Nutrition and Fitness, Dr Saeed Sassani, can help you cultivate a lifestyle that may hinder or even prevent many of the chronic diseases and signs of aging.

Whether you want to manage diabetes, lose weight, improve digestion, increase your heart health, boost your energy level, or simply improve your overall well being, Dr. Sassani will work together with you to create a personalized plan for losing weight, getting fit and eating better. Dr. Sassani’s medically supervised Nutrition and Weight Loss Plan works for everyone, from diabetics and individuals who want to lose weight, to people who simply want to remain healthy. Our plans help you to choose the right foods that can help you meet your dietary and health goals so you can lose weight and keep it off.


Good nutrition and fitness play a critical role in effective anti aging medicine and total wellness, regardless of age.  In fact, a proper diet and the right exercise go hand in hand to help create and maintain wellness. We work with you in both areas to determine your personal needs and then to customize a program to meet your goals.

At The Private Clinic, we believe that good nutrition increases your ability to stay healthy and feel youthful.  Helping you develop good eating habits is a crucial part of our anti aging program.  Our program involves thorough diagnostic testing to determine your body’s deficiencies and excesses.  Tests include metabolic screening, cholesterol measurement, digestive system analysis, hormone tests, nutritional and metabolic profiling, lipid and omega 3 profiling and measures of body fat and lean body mass.  Then, we develop a dynamic fitness program and custom food and supplement prescription based on your test results, specific to your needs and goals.


Check out our video introduction to and see the friendly environment and what to expect from Dr Sassani @ The Private Clinic in Dubai.


“I came to Dr Sassani with complaints of feeling low energy and tired all the time. He correctly diagnosed me with low vitamin B before the blood tests confirmed it. i feel so much better now he’s put me on the right treatments!”

Elizabeth M, Patient

“Dr Sassani took my training to the next level. He not only gave me a personalised diet plan but also revamped my weight training program and corrected some of the mistakes I’ve been making in my lifting form. Amazing doc, would recommend to anyone”

Abdulla Z, Patient

After years of struggling not knowing how to eat and control my diabetes properly, Dr Sassani put me on the right track. I no longer go up and down constantly eating chocolate to try and balance my insulin, but keep a stable sugar level through the day and it’s really helped me keep at a good weight. Thank you so much!

Mahmood A, Patient


Step One

During your personal consultation, Dr. Sassani will address a variety of diagnostic procedures, including an exam, health history, blood panels, metabolic testing, body composition analysis and food sensitivities, to determine individual health risk factors and other issues that will allow him to design a personalized program for you.

With the goal of removing the obstacles standing in way of lifelong weight management, Dr. Sassani will discuss the many facets of weight loss and introduce new lifestyle approaches to affect healthy fat loss.

Step Two

Dr Sassani will analyze your results and send you a customized weight management program designed to help you lose weight “safely and effectively” and maintain your weight loss long-term. Each of our programs will be customized specifically to accommodate your medical conditions, physical limitations and personal health goals. Every program incorporates a comprehensive approach to your health and well-being such as, reduced calorie diets, full meal replacement, lifestyle modification, medications, fitness, nutrition, specialty tests and hormone balancing.

In addition, the client may receive a program for non invasive body slimming procedures to help turbo charge the results and increase motivation. This may include Ultrasound Fat Blasting, Radiofrequency Skin tightening to help with any loose skin issues, and Endermologie to help with any other issues such as cellulite.

Step Three

After 6 weeks of following Dr Sassani’s recommendations, you will come in for your second consultation and review your results and experiences.

If needed, follow up tests will be conducted and you will get an adjusted set of recommendations to go forward. Dr Sassani prefers to work to a 6 week recurring schedule so he can maintain a watchful eye yet give the client space to get used to their new lifestyle.

After achieving their health and weight goals, clients will often come back to start a Pro-Fitness plan, taking their approach to diet and exercise to a new level.

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